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Red Bulls on the Podium Again in Monaco

Red Bulls on the Podium Again in Monaco

May 29, 2013 · Google+ · The Infiniti Red Bull Racing team took second and third at the Monaco Grand PrixInfiniti Red Bull Racing continued to plunder podium places at the Monaco Grand Prix as Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber claimed second and third today behind race winner Nico Rosberg.

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Infiniti: Red Bulls On the Podium Again in Monaco

May 28, 2013 · India Automobile News · New Delhi, May 27 — Infiniti Red Bull Racing continued to plunder podium places at the Monaco Grand Prix as Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber claimed second and third today behind race winner Nico Rosberg.

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May 27, 2013 · Facebook · Red Bulls on the podium again in Monacowww.redbull.comInfiniti Red Bull Racing continued to plunder podium places at the Monaco Grand Prix as Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber claimed second and third today behind race winner Nico Rosberg…

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Monaco Grand Prix – as it happened!

Monaco Grand Prix – as it happened!

May 27, 2013 ·

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Red Bull On Track

NUERBURG, GERMANY - JULY 23: Mark Webber (AUS), Red Bull Racing arrives at the event during the Red Bull On Track event at the Driving Safety Center, on July 23, 2011 in Nuerburg, Germany. (Photo by Andrew Hone/Getty Images)


Just checking my Yumblr account is working.
My iPhone 5 review so far.

iPhone 5 ticks most of my must haves in a phone but there is a disturbance in the force.


I want my phone to be fast that is,

- fast to launch apps,
- fast to scroll,
- fast browsing and download

The iPhone 5 nails all these requirements.

I do not really care how fast it takes to boot as its always on.

Another must have is app performance and this is my first real issue. Facebook and Instagram picture render times seem to be slower than previous versions. This could be an app issue and not the phone however do we really differentiate?

Also app installation time is painfully slow. 5 times slower than iPhone 4. Maybe it’s an apple server side issue with all the new installs taking place but so far it’s frustrating.

The restore for the iCloud backup was also painfully slow, lacked any real metrics on status and after 48 hours was still running. #fail.

For the important day to day tasks of browsing, app switching, emails etc this is the fastest phone I have played with. I do however note that performance is become less relevant in today’s phones. They are all blindingly quick.

Radio Reception.

I want good reception everywhere I go. This is a network issue as much as a radio issue. I choose Telstra due to rural coverage. It’s a rare occasion that I do not have full coverage.

So far I have had no reception problems, call clarity is outstanding however when using the new headset I can sound a little tinny.

No problems with Wifi radio, solid as a rock and are yet to test 4g in anger.

No downsides here however no real benefits either. I am expecting 4g will be outstanding but for day to day I do not live in a 4g area and therefore it’s less relevant for now.

Screen clarity.

This is where the iPhone 5 gets the most ticks. I have not lived day to day with its competitors however this is the first time I have turned on a phone and verbalised a WOW. Colours are richer, characters are sharper, photos are clearer.

Screen resolution is perfect for watching movies. It’s the perfect wide screen device however how often do you watch full length movies on it??

This is where we have the most disturbance in the force. I want real estate predominately for reading news, emails and browsing websites and I must admit that although the screen is a beautiful thing to look at they should have gone a little wider. I do note however that the S3 feels like a plastic brick in the pocket in comparison however there remains some screen size envy.

Apple will need to fix this. I am not convinced that one hand usability out-ways screen width. My bet is that Tim and Jony wanted something bigger but Steve gave them a product path not to steer away from and given his success in building the world most valuable company why would they?

Form in the hand and feel in the pocket.

I remember unboxing my first 2G iPhone, picking it up and twirling it around in my hand, another wow moment.

Since then its been ho-hum however this phone has taken a new step in form factor. It’s so light and thin. It feels um “classy” urgh did I just use that word??

As mentioned the S3 feels like a plastic brick in comparison and I fear I would damage such a wide device in my pocket.

The iPhone 5 however feels crafted, strong and with purpose. It’s the perfect pocket partner. The beveled edges are so shiny and nice to touch. Do we want more roundness?? Not really, my opinion is that round gives more of a plastic feel, bevels are more manly. Oh man I need to finish this paragraph, my superlatives are making me nauseous.


What I like about android is its friendly UI. The great screen themes, the movement between apps and the configurability. iOS 6 is wanting in this area.

On a day to day however I am not sure it makes any difference to me. I want an easy to dial phone. I want email, social and browsing apps all on one screen and with the extra real estate I have more apps on the home page. I rarely flick to the next screen.

We are at the mercy of app developers for in-app usability. The apple apps do their job, no real change here.


They say the iPhone 5’s battery life is better. So far I would disagree although its early times. Maybe the first 48 hours it appeared worse as the iCloud restore was churning in the background.

I have now spent 2 hours browsing, running a few apps and typing and I have used 25%. I would say its line ball with iPhone 4.


I want compatibility with my car, my computer, my TV, other phones and ipods in the house. Nothing has really changed here accept for Siri and Photostream sharing which is more an iOS feature than an iPhone 5 one.

I need to be able to home share media, have photos backup directly up to my mac and the cloud. I want to sit in front of the tv and stream something funny from my phone. I want to pick up the iPad and it know which page I am up to in a book. I want to listen to music via my overly large speakers in my living room. I do not want to fiddle around with cables, micro sims or apps that try and join non compatible platforms.

I think both Apple and Google and maybe to a lesser extent Amazon can do all this so no real advantage here.


I want to message my kids where ever they are. I want to share a photo, join conversations and do all this via wifi, mobile internet or sms. I want to do this from my computer, iPad or Phone.

iMessage is the best platform I have used by far for this.

Again not really an iPhone 5 exclusive feature but important all the same.


Rarely use face to face video. Nice to have with FaceTime but not a must have.

Panorama feature is fantastic. So much better than the photosynth, It’s usability is outstanding.

The rear camera quality is outstanding for both still and video but if you are an enthusiast and want better zooming and quality go buy a Canon 5D Mark III. Yum.

So yes I lurv the new IPhone 5. Is it better than an S3? Well the tests by third parties who are in the know say yes but I cannot comment as I have not lived with one. I do think the margin on bragging rights is getting slimmer. I think Apple had their hands full with Maps although I have not found one mistake in my geo.

They need to eventually go wider and do something outstandingly new to maintain market share.

I am not switching any time soon.

Mountain Lion Vmware Fusion oh no.

After upgrading to mountain lion I was warned that the version of Fusion v3 was incompatible and that I needed to upgrade. You cannot launch it.

After taking a backup of the vm I downloaded v4 from

Once downloaded you are given a few options. Choose upgrade and select your v3 vm.

Few minutes later your up and running.

Problem is that it’s a 30 day trial only and you need to purchase the license. The good thing is that your vm file is not lost.

Radio streaming over cellular

For those interested I have found that TuneIn Radio eats around 1mb per minute @128kbps over cellular.

This can vary depending on the quality of the stream.

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